Auto Repair & Towing Services

Whether you live in Collegeville, Phoenixville, Oaks, or beyond, getting your car serviced or repaired can be a time-consuming and stressful proposition.

Not at B&M Auto. We strive to make the process as easy and as surprise-free as possible.

Whether you have an older model Lincoln with an oil leak, an aging CRV with an engine light issue, a newish Chrysler 300 with heating/AC problems, or a mint-condition Lamborghini that needs a new clutch, we are up for the job. We’ll provide an accurate estimate, convenient scheduling, trustworthy work, and open communication to help create a hassle-free experience.


Vehicles are investments, and they need regular maintenance to ensure their ongoing safety and longevity. Whether it’s your family SUV, a car you are saving for your teenager, a weekend play or chore-running pick-up, or part of your corporate fleet, regular maintenance will help protect and extend the life of your auto.

Regular maintenance is especially important once a vehicle is out of warranty. We can provide the recommended long-term maintenance on your vehicle and, in the process, monitor it for any potential problems that could compromise its safety and shorten its life.

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Few things are more frustrating than spending money on a vehicle repair only to have the problem recur. Rather than make two or three visits somewhere else, bring it to B&M Auto and get it diagnosed and fixed right the first time.

We use the most up-to-date technologies to diagnose and fix problems – even those pesky electronic system issues – the first time. Several area dealerships depend on B&M Auto to tackle their hard-to-diagnose problems with used vehicles that have been identified for resale.

Trust the repair shop your neighbors and the dealerships trust to diagnose and fix their vehicles! Contact us now at (484) 358-6784 or for an appointment or for more information.


B&M is a full-service repair shop. Our bumper-to-bumper repairs are done on site; we don’t limit the repairs we perform and farm out the rest. Regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, or year, we can handle it.

We will provide you with a fair and honest estimate, and we will keep you updated if there are any unanticipated finds during the repair process.

Vintage & Performance Vehicles

Whether you live in Collegeville, Phoenixville, Oaks, or beyond, getting your car serviced or repaired can be a time-consuming and stressful proposition.

We love them! From carburetor work on a 1969 GTO to a tune-up on an almost-new Maserati, we can help you with all your vintage and performance car maintenance or repair needs.

Contact us now at (484) 358-6784 or for a repair estimate and appointment.

Fleet Services

Fleet vehicles are a significant investment for businesses. Without dependable fleet vehicles, employees are unable to hit the road and do their jobs, and business suffers.

Protect these important business investments with maintenance services from B&M Auto. We can develop a maintenance schedule, pick up and deliver vehicles for services, and keep your fleet in safe, reliable working order.

Should repairs be needed, we can provide comprehensive diagnostic and repair services, pick up and deliver the vehicles, and help minimize the impact on your business.


B&M Auto offers local and long-distance towing of cars and small equipment. Count on us to move cars, vans, small trucks, construction equipment, generators, skid steers, and anything in between.

Auto Transport

B&M Auto specializes in auto transport for dealers, including hauling vehicles from auctions to dealer lots, at an affordable rate that doesn’t sacrifice quality or convenience.

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