What Are the Best Dodge Ram 1500 Wheels for Off-Roading

Monday, November 14, 2022

If you're into kicking up dust on off-road trails, you know the kind of Dodge Ram 1500 Wheels you use are essential. They can make a difference in whether you meet the challenges of the rocking, winding Penoke Trail or the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route with an elevation of 10,613 feet.

Before you purchase new tires, think about how you use your vehicle most of the time. If 90% of your driving is shuttling kids around town, all-terrain tires are a good choice. If you spend 65% of your driving time off-roading, you need a tire for solid performance under those conditions.

Before leaving the pavement behind, check out our guide on selecting the best off-road tires for your Dodge Ram 1500.

What to Consider

Whenever you hear about off-roading accessories, tires with durable tread providing better traction top the list. Along with tires, you'll want to look into lift kits providing more ground clearance and a wide range of other items to make your ride more enjoyable.

When going off-roading, wheels are critical to the solid handling of your vehicle. The tires you select impact your braking, acceleration, traction, and steering. When the trail takes you rim-running with a few thousand feet between you and the ground below, you have confidence in your off-road tires' precision control and traction.

What you will need depends on whether you are hitting lots of mud and water, rock climbing, or encountering steep inclines and descents. Your tire specialist can advise you on the rubber compound and tread pattern to meet your needs.

A wider tread has more grip and debris ejection, providing better control on the trail. A thick sidewall is stiff and doesn't grab; a thin sidewall is better off-pavement.

Rim and Tire Size

Check your owner's manual to learn the maximum stock rim and tire size your Dodge Ram truck can handle. For off-roading, go with the largest size stock or install a lift kit to go oversized. Installing a lift kit may require upgrades to brake lines, axles, suspension, drive shafts, and fenders.

Use a wheel diameter no bigger than half the tire height for the best off-road performance. For the most sidewall flex on the trails, avoid low-profile tires.

Lug Count

Verify the lug count for attaching your Dodge Ram's new wheels to the vehicle. Before 2018, Ram pickups had five lugs; newer vehicles use six lugs. Make sure when purchasing rims they have the correct lug hole count.

Off-Set and Backspacing

Off-set and backspacing determine how far your Ram 1500 wheels stick out or sit inside the fenders. Backspacing is the room necessary for your wheels and tires to accommodate the off-set and wheel width.

When mounting new tires, you must ensure the off-set is correct to prevent rubbing against the wheel wells. Tires that rub can create problems with body parts, brakes, and suspension. This is important if you purchase tires wider than what came as stock on the vehicle.

The Final Decision

How you use your Dodge Ram 1500 impacts the type of tire you select. Consider your time on pavement vs. Pennsylvania off-roading.

If hitting the trails is something you occasionally do, you probably don't need a top-of-the-line set of off-road tires. If onX Offroad and All Trails are your favorite apps, you'll want the best wheels to take you off the grid.

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