Jeep Customization: How To Add Your Personal Style

Monday, August 8, 2022

How often do you see another Jeep on the road? Last year alone, the US market bought 768,713 Jeeps.

A lot of people think the car they drive helps to show what type of person they are. With the best part of 1 million Jeeps sold last year, it’s challenging to be an individual. How do you stand out if you drive the same model as everyone else?

There’s an answer to this problem: Jeep customization.

This article explains how to add your style to a Jeep. So if you want to create a truly unique 4 x 4, read our tips below.

Put New Wheels on Your Jeep Customization

Custom wheels are one of the best ways to personalize your Jeep. Not only do custom rims look great, but they also improve performance.

If you take your Jeep off-roading, new wheels should be one of the first upgrades you make. Larger wheels raise the clearance underneath a vehicle. A larger clearance ensures the Jeep avoids obstacles on the ground.

Bigger wheels also mean more contact with the track. This upgrade stops wheels from spinning off-road. However, you don’t have to enjoy off-roading to upgrade your rims.

Changing the wheels from stock adds a personal touch, which makes a vehicle stand out from the crowd. New rims come in all shapes and sizes. Some rims are flashy, and some are not. But with a wide range on the market, there’s a set to match your personality.

Stay on Track With Custom Tires

Custom tires make a massive difference if you want improved performance. Tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground. Everything your Jeep does passes through the rubber. New tires can improve grip, handling, and ride quality.

To get the best performance out of your Jeep tires, you must look after them. Look at our blog to learn tips and tricks to care for your tires. Remember, there’s no point in your Jeep looking great if it can’t drive anywhere.

Alongside the performance improvements, some people love the look of big chunky tires. If you change your wheels to a different size, you will need matching bigger tires too.

Take the High Road With Lift Kits

A lift kit raises the Jeep’s body, and there are a few reasons to do this.

The first is so larger wheels can fit. If you put larger wheels on and don’t raise the body, there’s a danger they will rub. Secondly, a lift kit can improve off-road performance by increasing ground clearance. Thirdly, some people love the raised driving height and increased visibility.

Turn Heads, Not Just Steering Wheels

Jeep customization comes in many different forms. Even small additions like a bumper sticker or dashboard ornament can express personality. But tires, wheels, and lift kits say much more than fluffy dice.

Contact us today to learn about the upgrades you could make to your vehicle.

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