Car Smoking from Engine: What’s the Cause?

Monday, January 17, 2022

At some point, everyone will eventually face some kinds of car problems, whether they are minor or not. These vehicle problems can appear abruptly when you least expect them.

One car problem that can be alarming is when smoke is coming from the hood of a car. Car smoking can happen unexpectedly, so you may be shocked and not sure how to handle the situation.

Read on to learn about what you should do if you are in a situation where you find your car smoking from engine.

Car Smoking From Engine: Causes

There are many different reasons a car engine may begin to smoke. You can decipher what the cause of the car smoking is depending on the color and smell of the smoke.

Blue or gray smoke indicates that oil is burning from the engine. This smoke will be seen coming from the tailpipe and has a very bitter smell.

Black smoke indicates that your car is burning raw fuel or that there may be an electrical failure. If the smoke gives off a smell of burning plastic, this is an electrical failure. For the burning of raw fuel, it will smell like gasoline.

White smoke indicates issues with a head gasket or radiator hose. If a head gasket or other internal engine part is burning, it will cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe. A blown radiator hose causes white smoke as well.

What to Do if Your Car Starts Smoking

Stress can play a role in how people react to situations, it can affect the reaction time and what people choose to do. Knowing how to handle a situation like this can alleviate some stress and help you better handle the situation.

The first thing you should do is pull over in a safe spot. Once you are pulled over, check your engine lights and gauges. This will help you determine if your car is overheating.

Next, get out and visually inspect your car. You should check the fluids in your car, but wait until the engine cools down.

See if there is any fluid on the ground dripping from the hood. If this is the case, you will have to call for a towing service for your car.

These kinds of situations may be stressful, but being prepared and knowing how to handle them will make it less stressful. This will help you react promptly.

Reliable Towing Service

Now that you know to contact a towing company to tow your car for you during situations where you notice the car smoking from engine, you may be wondering who you should call.

B&M Auto Repair and Towing offers short and long-distance towing surfaces for all kinds of vehicles. We are dedicated to giving our customers exceptional auto repair and towing services.

Contact us today for our towing services or if you have any questions regarding our services.

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