When Should You Switch to Winter Tires? A Guide

Monday, January 3, 2022

116,800 people suffer injuries every year from car accidents that occur due to dangerous winter conditions.

Driving during the winter season is unavoidable, but there are ways you can stay safe on the roads. One thing to keep in mind is investing in winter tires. These tires are capable of enduring the winter weather that causes these accidents.

You may be wondering when you should swap out your current tires for winter tires. Read on to learn about these tires and when you should begin to use them.

Why Winter Tires Are Essential

Winter tires are essential when staying safe on the roads during the winter season.

While the tires you have on your car year-round can handle many different conditions, they can only handle winter conditions so well. Winter tires are specifically designed to take on all kinds of winter conditions.

When comparing winter tires to all-season tires, it has been proven winter tires perform better in situations you may face during the winter season. For example, you will have to brake on ice at some point. The winter tires handle braking on ice much better than all-season tires.

The reason these are the best tires for winter is because of the ability they have to grip despite cold and dangerous conditions.

Winter Tire Chains

Winter tire chains, also referred to as snow chains are an alternative safety measure you can use when driving during winter.

These snow chains perform well in winter conditions and may be cheaper than winter tires. One downside to them is that they cannot be used if you are driving on dry pavement, as damage could occur if you do so.

If you are able to invest in cheap winter tires, then that may be your best bet. Winter tire chains are a great alternative though if you want to have them to put on whenever the road conditions are bad.

When to Switch to Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed for cold and winter weather, so it is important to wait to switch out your all-season tires until it is the best time.

Typically, it is best to have a professional switch your car to winter tires when the temperatures consistently stay at 45°F or below.

Of course, temperatures will fluctuate, but if you typically drive at night and early in the morning, it is likely the temperatures will be lower at these times.

Make Driving This Winter Safe

Winter tires can lower your risks of getting into accidents. Switching to winter tires when the weather is right is a good step in staying safe this winter when driving.

You may be wondering who could install these tires for you.

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