Automotive Answers: What Is Considered Automotive Repair?

Monday, August 2, 2021

The average cost to maintain and repair a 10-year old car works out to $430 annually according to a Consumer Reports survey.

But as a young vehicle owner in Collegeville, Phoenixville, or Oaks, PA, it pays to know the difference between routine maintenance and automotive repair. Both are beneficial for your car. They are not, however, the same.

Read on to learn more about what is considered an automotive repair.

Differences Between Maintenance and Automotive Repair

While maintenance and auto repair both relate to the proper functioning of your vehicle, there are important differences to be aware of.

Maintenance refers to routine service that is needed to keep your car in good repair. You can consult the owner's manual that came with your vehicle to find out the maintenance required at specific mileage intervals.

By getting the right maintenance work done at a reputable bureau of automotive repair, you'll be able to avoid -- or to delay -- repairs. The reason for this is that preventative maintenance will nip potential issues in the bud.

Automotive repair refers to any work your car needs if it's not operating properly. These types of issues will often catch you off guard since repairs tend to come on the heels of neglected maintenance.

How Routine Maintenance Can Reduce Costly Repair Work

As was mentioned previously, a lack of proper maintenance will sooner or later lead to problems that require repairs. So if you get new brakes but don't get them serviced annually, you might end up having to replace them prematurely.

Another example has to do with oil changes. If you don't ever change your oil, you'll eventually encounter serious engine issues. And it will cost a small fortune to rebuild your engine, to get a used engine, or to get a new engine.

While you will require automotive repairs at some point whether or not you take good care of your car, you'll be able to reduce costly repairs by getting your car maintained. You'll also be able to prevent avoidable headaches.

Maintenance includes things like spark plugs, oil changes, coolant, batteries, timing belts, and engine belts. Check the owner's manual that came with your car, or get in touch with a mechanic.

If you want to find a reputable automotive facility, go online and type in a search term like "automotive repair near me" or automotive repair shops near me".

Do you need help with something specific like your car's air conditioner? Search for "automotive ac repair near me". Conducting a detailed search will help you find the help you need from a reputable automotive service provider.

Find the Right Automotive Repair Company

Maintenance and automotive repair are two things you'll need to stay on top of as a car owner. Getting maintenance done will reduce the number of repairs you need to do. But that doesn't mean that the need for repairs won't arise.

When you need help with maintenance, repairs, or towing, we're here to help. We're a reputable company with a track record of helping customers with their automotive needs. Get in touch to learn more or to book an appointment.

B&M Auto Repair and Towing is proud to offer mechanic services to the Collegeville, Phoenixville, and Oak PA areas. We fix brakes, provide towing services, and everything in between, so give us a call at (484) 358-6784 and let B&M Auto be your auto service and repair partner.

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