This Is How to Jumpstart a Car the Right Way

Monday, February 1, 2021

Did you know that long periods of inactivity can drain the life of your car battery? The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to telecommute and stay at home more often. This and many other factors can contribute to problems with your car battery.

If you've turned the keys in the ignition and the car won't start, don't worry. There's still a good possibility that you can get home with minimal help.

Are you wondering what you should do? Keep reading to learn all about how to jumpstart a car the right way.

Use Jumper Cables

An unreliable battery is one of the most common car problems. If the battery isn't completely dead, then you can jumpstart it using a pair of jumper cables.

You'll also need a separate power source, such as another vehicle's battery or a jump box.

If you don't have both of these items, then you'll most likely have to call a professional for assistance.

Find the Battery

Before you can jumpstart a car, you'll need to locate the battery. Chances are it's located under the hood, but sometimes it can even be in the car's trunk.

The battery usually comes in the form of a black box and has two cables attached to it.

After you've found the battery, you'll need to connect the jumper cables.

Connect the Cables to the Terminals

When jumpstarting a car, you'll see that your car battery has two nubs. One is a positive terminal and the other is negative. These correspond with the clamps of the jumper cables.

The positive and negative parts are often color-coded to make the job easier, usually red for positive and black for negative.

If you don't connect the clamps to the right spot, then there will be no electrical current and the battery will fail to charge. It's also important to make sure the clamps are secure. Once attached, let the battery charge for several minutes before trying to turn the car's ignition.

Be sure not to touch the clamps together if they're connected to a power source because this could be extremely dangerous.

Safety Tips

If your battery is leaking acid or is visibly damaged in any way, it's best to avoid jumpstarting it. The same is true for batteries that are dry or frozen.

Some vehicles should never be jumpstarted because of their delicate circuitry.

In order to avoid a hazardous mistake, it's crucial to read the owner's manual of your vehicle before attempting a jumpstart.

Now You Know How to Jumpstart a Car

Now that you've learned how to jumpstart a car the right way, you won't be stranded on the side of the road if you experience battery failure.

No matter what kind of car trouble you're having, our knowledgeable mechanics can diagnose the problem and offer the best solution. Plus, if you're battery refuses to be jumpstarted, we'd be more than happy to assist with our highly-rated towing service.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our business.

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