What Are the Best Jeep Lift Kits Available?

Monday, December 7, 2020

A Jeep might be the biggest and best toy you've ever owned. Your Jeep opens up all sorts of new possibilities for fun and adventure, from low-country mudding to sand dune climbing and everything in between.

If you treat it well, your Jeep will be last a lifetime. One important step, beyond the regular maintenance all vehicles need, you should take to make sure your Jeep stays undamaged is installing a lift kit to increase ground clearance, allow for the right kind of off-roading tire, and extend the life of your suspension.

There is a reason these kits are the most popular aftermarket modification for Jeeps like yours. The only question remaining is where to look for the best Jeep lift kits. This guide will help you wade through the muck to find the answer.

Size Matters

When shopping for your lift kit, the first thing you need to consider is height.

1-2 Inches

You can opt for a leveling kit or body lift kit that can lift your Jeep up to 2 inches. Often these are used to counterbalance other modifications like winches or heavy bumper replacements that weigh down your front end and are the least expensive option.

2-6 Inches

If you want to go off-road, you likely need a short-arm lift kit. These kits often require additional modifications like bigger shocks. They can allow for good clearance as well as larger off-road specific tire options.

5 Inches and Up

Longarm lift kits can do some seriously heavy lifting. These expensive kits require modification to other parts of your Jeep, including the exhaust system, brake lines, and suspension. They are typically reserved for serious off-roaders that aren't afraid to invest heavily.

What Are You Getting?

Depending on what brands you look to for your lift kits, you may be buying more than just the lift. Some of the bigger brands like Skyjacker or Rough Country offer full kits that are easy to self-install if you know what you are doing.

Other brands and cheaper options likely sell the basics and require other parts to complete your Jeep's transformation. If you are comfortable doing it yourself, look for the all-in-one options.

Though we suggest getting help from a professional service shop to ensure your Jeep is treated right. If you don't know when you do or don't need a slip yoke eliminator, that might be a good sign you need help.

Jeep Lift Kit Brands You Trust

As with any purchase, it is important you know something about the brand you choose. Make sure you read plenty of reviews about your options before settling on a brand that fits your Jeep and your needs.

Some of the brands that have good track records and that you might start with are:

  • Skyjacker
  • Rough Country
  • Motofab
  • TrueTwo

If you're not sure what to look for, consult a professional.

The Bottom Line

The best Jeep lift kits on the market can give your Jeep the boost it needs to carry you safely through any adventure. From choosing the right lift kit to learning how to lift your Jeep and slaying that first desert dune, you'll no doubt find the joy in it all. You are a Jeep owner, after all.

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