Myths about Bumper Damage from Towing

Monday, November 9, 2020

Have you been in an accident? If you're worried that some of the damage to your car is from after the accident, we can help.

Below, we'll answer questions about how tow trucks work and whether they really can damage your car's bumper. We'll also make sure you know what to look for and how to respond if you do have an accident or need a tow.

You shouldn't have to worry about bumper damage in addition to the stress of a collision. Here's what you need to get through the aftermath.fHow Do Tow Trucks Work?

When a tow truck hauls away a car, they first have to use the winch to pull the vehicle up onto the tow truck bed. The bed tips up at an angle to make it easier, but the winch still plays a big part in getting the vehicle ready to be hauled. The winch is held in place by a large hook.

If the tow truck driver doesn't place the hook in the right spot, your car could end up with front bumper damage or rear bumper damage, depending on which direction the truck is pulling from.

It's possible you can get the towing company to pay for the damage if you can prove that they caused it and the damage wasn't there after you got in the accident. Be sure to take pictures to help with any claims you may want to file.

Will My Vehicle Have Bumper Damage?

It's a myth that a tow truck will always damage your bumper. While the average cost to repair bumper damage can be a lot, depending on the type of car, you likely won't need to find a mechanic that knows how to repair front bumper damage. A good tow truck company can do the job right and take care of your vehicle.

Many new cars have plastic bumpers, so they are easy to damage. Your tow truck driver should take extra care to protect this part of your vehicle.

Hidden Bumper Damage

Even if your bumper looks fine, be sure to ask the mechanic to take a look underneath. There could be hidden bumper damage you don't know about just by looking at the vehicle. Any car that's been in an accident should have a thorough inspection to find any problems that aren't detectable at first glance.

It's important to repair any bumper damage from an accident because your safety may depend on it. The bumper is there to help absorb shock from a collision, so if you were to get in an accident again, you wouldn't have as much protection. Be sure the body shop pays attention to the bumper bar and the bumper absorbers, usually made out of Styrofoam chunks.

Vehicle Care

The last thing you need when you get in an accident is for someone to make it worse. Be sure your tow truck driver knows what they're doing, and if something looks wrong, say so.

If you need a towing service you can rely on to take care of your vehicle, contact us for help. We can also provide auto repair services if your vehicle has already sustained bumper damage in an accident.

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