How Often Should I Change My Oil Filter?

Monday, August 10, 2020

When you own a car you quickly realize how fast the bills can add up. It may seem as if there is always something that needs an upgrade or fixing.

Since the bills seem to keep coming, you may start to wonder, "How often should I change my oil filter?"

Read on to find out when you should have your oil filter replaced.

What Does the Oil Filter Do?

Your oil filter is safely tucked away in a can but as you drive it is hard at work behind the scenes. The engine pushes oil through the filter. This purifies the oil before it starts circulating through your engine.

This oil is important because it keeps the moving parts in the engine perfectly lubricated. Once the oil goes through the filter all dirt and metal flecks are caught and removed before they can clog the system.

This is why checking your oil filter is such an important part of routine maintenance of your vehicle.

What is the Best Filter to Use?

In most cases, you will find that you are paying for the oil, filter, and the mechanic's services all in one. This can help to greatly reduce the expenses involved in changing your filter.

The best type of filter and the one you should tell your mechanic that you need is the one that is made of paper. This is best because filters that are made from cheap cotton can become problematic fast.

You also need to ensure that the filter has a check valve. This will prevent the oil from draining into the housing of the oil filter.

How Often Should I Change My Oil Filter?

It is recommended that you have your oil changed every 5000 miles. However, this rule is flexible and should be tapered by how much you actually drive. If you are a very frequent driver then you may find that you need to change the oil more often.

However, if you only drive a reasonable amount of time each month then you can follow the 5000 miles rule.

The bottom line is that the need to change your oil filter is subjective and can be limited to how often you drive your car. Work with your mechanic to see what is right for you.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle

Taking care of your vehicle is of utmost importance if you want it to have longevity. A part of that longevity will see you doing regular maintenance on your car.

Part of the regular maintenance of your car is getting your oil filter changed. You now know the answer to the question, "How often should I change my oil filter?"

When selecting replacement filters it is best to go with higher quality since these will purify the oil thoroughly before it passes through your engine.

If you would like to help with car maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

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