7 Telltale Signs Your Car Needs a Transmission Repair

Monday, April 27, 2020

You're driving along, belting out your favorite song as you hear it. An awful grinding noise coming from the front of your car. Yep, you have a transmission problem.
A transmission repair can be expensive, ranging from several hundred dollars to well over $1,000 depending on the severity. But your transmission is every bit as important as your engine or tires -- you can't ignore a transmission problem.
So how do you know it's time to take your car to the shop? Here are seven telltale signs that you need a transmission repair.

1. The Dreaded Check Engine Light

As soon as you notice your check engine light is on, you can almost sense the impending repair costs. Paying for auto repairs is never ideal. But you can't ignore the problem forever.
The longer you delay service, the more damage you'll do to your vehicle and the more expensive your repairs will be. A local mechanic should be able to help you determine what exactly is wrong with your vehicle, so take it in as soon as possible.

2. Strange Sounds

Most vehicles make a bit of noise by nature. This is especially true if you have an older vehicle or your vehicle has old parts. But the noises that a damaged transmission make are quite different.
You may hear a loud buzzing or grinding as you drive your vehicle, as well as clicking noises when your car is idled.

3. Vehicular Shaking

These scary new noises are often accompanied be tremors whenever your car is idled.
Vehicular shaking is usually a sign that, at the very least, you should check out your car's transmission fluid levels.

4. Trails of Fluid

If you read the above section and thought, 'But I just changed my transmission fluid...' you might have a bigger problem. There may be a leak somewhere in your transmission draining the fluid.
To confirm that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, check for a trail of liquid behind your vehicle. Standard transmission fluid is bright red, while dirty or older transmission fluid is a darker red, closer to crimson.

5. Overwhelming Odors

Next time you take your car out for a spin, do a quick sniff test -- for your vehicle, that is.
The good news is that you'll pretty much know right off the bat if there's an issue. You'll smell something akin to burning rubber.
The bad news is that this means your transmission is leaking.
The burning smell in and of itself isn't dangerous, but you'll have a lot bigger problems if you don't take your vehicle in for an inspection.

6. Slow Acceleration

Is your car a bit more sluggish these days? You're not going crazy.
This happens when there's a serious issue with your transmission. If your vehicle is struggling to keep up with traffic, do as little driving as possible until you can visit your local mechanic.

7. Sudden Gear Changes

Likewise, you might notice that your car is having a tough time switching between gears, even if your vehicle is an automatic.
Again, this is a major issue and isn't something that will go away on its own.
If your vehicle stalls out or slips gears in the middle of traffic, you'll put yourself and others at risk.

A Transmission Repair Doesn't Have to Drain Your Finances

If you've noticed any of the above seven signs, it's likely that you'll need to take your vehicle in for a transmission repair.
But don't worry, a transmission repair won't break the bank! We do our best to make sure you get the best possible service for the lowest possible price.
Get in touch today to schedule your vehicle's service inspection.
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