Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Monday, March 9, 2020

How to protect your car from road salt.

Ice and snow aren't the only elements that are capable of harming your car. In fact, the salt used to melt winter weather can cause damage, too. 

Drivers pay an estimated $15.4 billion in rust repairs, or $3 billion annually. Re-icing methods like road salt include chemicals that can hurt your car. By taking preventative measures, you can protect your car from rust-related damage. 

Keep reading to discover how to protect your car from road salt. With these six tips, you can avoid rust and costly repairs. Read on to learn more!

1. Wax Your Ride

First, try to wax your car before winter. The undercarriage of your car is the most at risk. A good coat of wax, however, can help you protect your car before the winter weather hits. 

By taking preventative measures, you can prevent road salt from damaging your car's undercarriage. 

2. Avoid Puddles

During a drive, you could come across areas that have more salt than others. In order to protect your car from salted roads, make sure to avoid puddles and plow trucks.

Puddles usually contain larger amounts of salt, which can cause undercarriage car damage. Avoiding puddles and potholes can help you avoid these salty spots.

It's also important to avoid driving behind plow trucks.

When you drive behind a plow truck, you become the first to drive through a fresh layer of salt. Avoiding plow trucks will help you protect your car.

3. Pretreat Your Car

Rust affects 70% of drivers in the country. In order to protect your car from road salt, consider pretreating your car's undercarriage.

Collision shops offer an oil solution that you can spray on your car's exposed parts. Pre-treating your vehicle with this coating will help you prevent salt and water from sticking to your car's metal parts. 

4. Wash Up

Did a snowstorm hit recently? Consider giving your car a thorough wash. Washing your car after a snowstorm will ensure you remove the snow salt as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you're leaving the salt to corrode your car, which will lead to rusting.

5. Use Under Spray

It's not enough to wash your car after a snowstorm. You'll also need to make sure the undercarriage is thoroughly clean. In order to protect your car from salty roads, make sure to use an under spray.

You can either go through a drive-through car wash or hand wash the vehicle on your own to make sure the undercarriage remains clean.

Make sure to wash your car and undercarriage regularly. Remember, the longer the salt lingers, the more likely you'll notice rusting.

6. Schedule an Inspection

After using these tips, you might still feel concerned that your car is vulnerable to rusting. If that's the case, consider scheduling a pre-winter inspection.

A trip to the mechanic will ensure your car drives into the winter season safely. Then, you can address any wear and tear before it starts to snow.

Protect Yourself and Your Ride: Protecting Your Car From Road Salt 

Don't leave your car vulnerable. Instead, protect yourself and your ride from road salt and rust. Life is busy. Schedule a pickup in advance for easy maintenance and repair!
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