What's that Sound? Common Car Noises that Mean It's Time for a Repair

Thursday, August 1, 2019

There are 300 million cars on the road in the U.S. And it’s likely your car is included in this statistic! Driving is common in the U.S. but not everyone is a mechanic.

Fortunately, your car has a way of telling you when something is wrong. A common way to identify a car issue is by spotting an odd noise.

It’s alarming when your car starts making an unfamiliar noise. Not all car noises are bad, but some point to severe problems. Which car noises signal an issue? We describe common car sounds that say it’s time for a repair.

Grinding (Especially While Braking)

Do you hear a squeaky grinding noise, even when you step softly on the brakes? You may have to take your brakes in for a check-up.

This noise can mean a couple of different things. Most commonly, you need to replace your brake pads. When your brake pads are old and worn down, they rub against the rotors incorrectly.

The issue could also be in the calipers or rotors. For example, the calipers could be rubbing against the rotors. This is a more serious issue and will require new rotors and/or calipers.

Exhaust Noises (Sputtering, Rumbling, Rattling)

Do you hear noises coming from your exhaust? If you’re not sure where the exhaust is, it’s beneath the vehicle. This sound can be described as rumbling, sputtering, or rattling. The most common cause is an exhaust leak.

If there’s an exhaust leak, a mechanic will need to inspect the system. You could need a repair or even a replacement.

Grumbling or Roaring While Driving

Do you hear a roaring or rumbling noise while your car is in motion? There could be multiple culprits but it’s likely coming from your wheels. This includes a tire replacement or an issue with the wheel bearing.

Either way, it’s integral to take your vehicle to the mechanic as soon as you hear these noises. You could need new tires or a whole new wheel bearing.

Chirping or Squealing From Under the Hood

If there are issues in your drive belt, located under the hood of your car, you can hear a squealing or chirping noise when you rev the engine.

The drive belt transfers power from the engine to other areas of your car. As your car gets older, the drive belt gets worn down.

If you have an old drive belt, you’ll need a new one. Don’t worry, this repair is simple and inexpensive.

Listen for These Car Noises

From the drive belt to the brakes, many things can go wrong in a car. If you’re not a mechanic, listen for any of these odd car noises.

Take your car in for an inspection if anything sounds or seems off with your car. Neglecting this can result in serious and even permanent damage.

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