Tow Time: 5 Cases Where You Should Call a Towing Company

Monday, July 22, 2019

There are times when calling a towing company is a no-brainer. There are other times when you’re not sure and the thought may never cross your mind. A tow truck offers many services outside of simply towing your car. When it’s below freezing and you’re stuck at the side of the road, they can literally be a lifesaver.

So when you do call a tow truck? Tow trucks cost money. Depending on how far it needs to go, the amount could be substantial, so knowing when to call can save you money. Good advice is if you think you need a tow truck, then call one.

Break Down On the Road

Perhaps it late at night or you’re on a busy highway and your car breaks down. You pull over and have no idea how to get it working again. This is the time to call a tow truck.

Breakdowns are scary. You could be on the highway with hundreds of cars passing you at full speed. You could be in the middle of nowhere with no sign of life for miles. A tow truck can take you to the nearest mechanic safely.

They’re used to towing cars and trucks on busy streets and picking them up on lonely roadways. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your car until the driver arrives.

Call a Towing Company for a Flat Tire

A flat tire is more than just a nuisance. If you try driving on it, then you can cause serious damage to the wheel. It’s best to pull over and change it. What if you don’t know how to change a flat tire or the lug nuts are on too tight and you can’t get them off?

A towing company has special tools to get the lug nuts off and change your tire. If you don’t have a spare, then you can likely buy a new tire from them. You’ll be paying a premium for what may be a simple service, but it’ll get you back on the road.

Tow Trucks Help in Accidents

Whether it’s a fender bender or a major collision, tow trucks are standards for auto accidents. If the damage is enough that the car isn’t driveable, then either you or the police call a tow truck.

If the collision happened in the middle of a street, then you’re blocking traffic. Once the police are done, the tow truck moves the car so traffic flows again. In this case, not calling a tow truck isn’t an option.

Car Runs Out of Gas

We’ve all been there where we’re trying to get that last few miles before filling up and then the car runs out of gas. Depending on the area, you might want to call a tow truck. If you’re in a questionable neighborhood or if you don’t know how far until you find a gas station, then stay with the car.

You likely don’t want to leave your car alone and you don’t want anything to happen to you while looking for a gas station. A tow truck can bring you enough gas to drive to a gas station. It gets you back on the road, but don’t try and outlast the gas. Fill up right away.

Car Doesn’t Start

You’re late getting to work, so you hurry to the car and turn the ignition…nothing happens. You try it again and again, but the car refuses to start. It could be a dead battery, so call a tow truck and they’ll be able to give you a jump start.

The car still won’t start? Don’t worry, they can tow your car to a mechanic while you wait for the Lyft driver to pick you up at home.

Let a Tow Service Take Care of Your Car

People rely on a tow company for many jobs beyond towing their car. If any of these problems happen to you, don’t be afraid to call your local tow truck driver. If you want to learn more about towing and auto repair, then explore our site today.

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