5 Surefire Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Monday, July 8, 2019

According to this report, the top three car component issues involved, lighting, airbags, and the fuel system. Many people don't know how to fix these problems on their own.

However, you can learn how to recognize the signs your car needs a tune-up instead.

That way, you can get help and ensure your car runs longer and better than ever!

Protect your car by keeping an eye out for these five warning signs.

1. Lights On

Those little warning lights on your dashboard are probably trying to tell you something.

These lights can indicate problems with different car components. When these lights flash on, take your car in as soon as possible. That way, you can diagnose the issue.

Little problems can turn into much bigger ones. Instead of letting the issue escalate, pay attention to these signs your car needs a tune-up.

That way, you can avoid bigger problems (and costs) down the road.

2. Stalling

Your car might stall at intersections or when you try to accelerate. This isn't just a sign your car needs a check-up, however.

It could also cause an accident or put you in a dangerous situation.

Your engine was designed for reliability. If it's not performing at its best, however, it's time to get your car looked at.

This could indicate fouled spark plugs, a clogged fuel filter, or a much bigger issue.

3. Fuel Economy

Filling the gas tank more often lately? Poor fuel mileage could also indicate there's an issue.

Once you've determined no one's taking your car out for a light-night joy ride, consider this a sign to take your car in. The reduction in fuel mileage could indicate your car isn't operating efficiently.

This might mean your tire pressure is low or you have a sticking brake pad.

As with the rest of these signs your car needs a tune-up, take note. Track your baseline fuel mileage so you can tell when there's a problem.

4. Brake Down

Your brakes should bring you to a stop without you having to slam the brake pedal to the ground. If you feel a strange vibration when pushing the brakes or hear a squeak, consider these signs of needing a tune-up on your car.

Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year. Don't become one of them.

Your car's brakes could help you avoid a fender bender, so it's important to get them checked.

That includes your rotors, brake fluid, and brake pads as well.

5. Shaking Sensations

Consider any weird vibrations or shaking a red flag something's wrong.

This might occur throughout your entire car, just at your brake pedal, or only in the steering wheel. Either way, consider these signs your car needs a tune-up and get it checked by a professional.

This could indicate tire issues, a failing universal joint, or other problems.

Reeve Up To These 5 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Keep a lookout for these five signs your car needs a tune-up. That way, you can get your car checked out before these little problems become much bigger (and more expensive) ones.

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