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Monday, June 10, 2019

According to the statistics, there are about 1.8 vehicles per household in America. If you are one of them you know that regular servicing is a must when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.

One of the major changes that you need to make from time to time is an oil change. However, before you can proceed to make this change you must know when is the right time to do it.

This can get tricky because an oil change can depend on several factors related specifically to the vehicle that you drive. Here are some tips that will answer the question, "How often should you change your oil?"

1. There Is Wisdom In Your Manual

Not too long ago the general rule of thumb was that you should get your oil changed for every three thousand miles that you drive. In recent times this rule has been thrown out.

If you truly want to know how often you should be changing your oil, the best place to start is your owner's manual. Your manual will outline how soon you will need to change your oil based on your driving patterns.

You can find this information in the scheduled maintenance section of your owner's manual. However, you may not be in the mood to go foraging through the owner's manual or you may not even have one. Fortunately, most manufacturers now have these manuals online.

2. Look for the Light

Your dashboard can give you a warning as to the state of your oil. Some cars will show you a phrase that says "service now". Others will have an oil can on the dashboard that lights up. There is no clearer sign that you need an oil change than a light that says so on the dashboard.

Do not ignore this, if you don't have the time to bring in the vehicle arrange to have it towed to a shop to replenish the oil and avoid car problems.

Examine what happened between the light or message showing up on your dashboard and your last oil change. This will give you an idea of the driving conditions that will lead to you needing an oil change.

3. Long Intervals Between Oil Changes

While the three thousand miles between oil changes rule has been replaced with longer stretches of seven thousand to ten thousand miles, getting your oil changed according to the old rule does have its benefits.

This is especially true if you change your oil at the mechanic instead of doing it yourself. More likely than not an oil change will prompt your mechanic to do other maintenance checks which can include engine checks. It then becomes easier to spot problems before they start.

Final Thoughts on How Often Should You Change Your Oil

How often should you change your oil?

Now you know that this is dependent on several factors. However, seven thousand to ten thousand miles is a good guideline to follow.

Do remember that when in doubt about how often an oil change is necessary, check your owner's manual. Note too that when changing your oil it is a good idea to get your mechanic to do a thorough check of the vehicle to stop potential problems.

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